• Turns out I like tabs in Go

    So, it turns out tabs are actually kinda nice. I assumed that I would dislike tabs in Go as much as I dislike tabs in any other language. I was wrong. Until working in Go, I would have cited a number of reasons I don’t like tabs. they are too big, they are magic nothing that is different from the other magic nothing spots you have in your editor and they look different on different computers.

  • Managing Socket connections with Eventmachine

    With the anouncement of Action Cable I wanted to see if I could create a lightweight websocket manager for sending live events to and from a browser.

  • My Holiday Reading List

    I thought I would share my reading list for this holiday season:

  • Testing Event Machine Code

    Credit goes in large to Nick Gauthier’s 2011 post. However, it took me longer than I would like to admit to understand why testing event machine this way is useful. I hope that here I will make that clear for others who think like me.

  • Caching methods with Ruby 2.1's method definition return value

    You can see the final product of this article here

  • Experimenting with Mutant

    I noticed a couple of interesting things when I experimented with Mutant. If you are unfamiliar with Mutant, basically it parses your ruby code into an AST and performs modifications to your code to see if your code breaks. The idea is that with tools like SimpleCov, you can see what lines your tests run, but it does not show that you are actually testing the behavior correctly. Mutant modifies your programs AST to create valid ruby that should break your tests.

  • Setting up Backbonejs

    I was surprised to not find an easy, setting up backbone with npm. The popular tutorials seem to take some shortcuts to get you in the code quickly. I really wanted to know how to get set fo’ reals. after all, I want to start working with backbone not because I think it will be good for me, but because I want to make something.

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