I thought I would share my reading list for this holiday season:

Language internals have always been interesting to me and after watching Aaron Patterson’s Inside Ruby’s VM talk, I thought it might be time to explore in more detail

I have had this one on my list for a while. I think understanding when and why to raise what exceptions is more important than the amount of time I have put into it.

I read enough of this book in college to write a paper on it. At this point I need to start new to finish it properly.

This book along with the book above come from a life syllabus published by one of my favorite professors. I honestly don’t know a ton about the book, but I hope experiencing it that way is better.

I have a little bit of scheme experience from back in college, but while going through some clojure books, I became interested in some of the more historical (maybe pure or true lisp would be appropriate, but inflammatory)

I have also added a Reading, Read section on the about page.